Monday, February 7, 2011

More paintings!

Penny's cup of tea, oil, 9" x 12" canvas

"Crusing Apples" 9" x 12" oil on board

Classroom Still life #1, 9" x 12" oil on canvas

Crusing Coffee, 9" x 12" oil on board

Cricket, 8" x 8" Oil on Canvas

Nude Study, 2.11, 16" x 20", oil on canvas

"Green with Envy", 6" x 8", Oil on Canvas

Here are some more of my paintings from class or from home, so far I have done still lifes, and more recently, figures from live models in class.


  1. Beth...these paintings are really good! You are VERY talented. LOVE them! So hard to paint the human form - yours is very good! Love the tea cup too - makes me want to take a sip.

  2. OMG, Beth! That nude study is amazing!!

  3. Gorgeous! And, for everyone else, these are far more beautiful in real life than in these reproductions. Way to go, Beth!

  4. You are amazing. The pictures are so beautiful. Great job Beth!