Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Still Snow" by Beth Bathe

"Still Snow" #28/30, 6" x 8", oil on panel
Today's painting was started yesterday (I thought I would get ahead. It started as a still life of three flowers in a delft pitcher. I got it blocked in, it had a very dark background and low lighting. I then worked on it all this morning. It just wasn't working. I ran some errands and got back to the studio at 4 pm...I then wiped the whole canvas down (first painting of the thirty that I scraped). So at 4:15 pm, this landscape was born. I wanted to continue to work with snow, and I like how the winter grass peaks through this wonderful snowy drive to an old barn.


  1. This is great. Excellent work on the grassy area.

  2. Glad you did! This is wonderful: I love the colors you chose!