Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Misty Reflections" by Beth Bathe

"Misty Reflections", #20/30, 12 x 12 in, oil on canvas
So here is yesterdays painting...#20 of 30 daily paintings for January. It was too dark to photograph it last night, so here it is in the light of day. This was painted on a black canvas, it was an easy start, very impressionistic, I was really liking the outcome, then as it got later in the day I started to get into the details, first I got too detailed, which was ruining the feel, so then I reworked parts. All in all it was a frustrating, great day of painting, I really learned a lot. I had to deal with the black canvas, a very detailed photo, the atmospheric mist and the reflections in the water...hard, hard, hard....


  1. Oh I understand frustration and feel it this very minute. The painting worked out well though and is indeed very misty.

  2. It turned out really beautiful. One painting I did as a sort of hurry-up-it's-getting-late turned out to be one of my most popular. Huh... go figure.