Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Eggplant to the Nines" by Beth Bathe

"Eggplant to the Nines", #14/30, 12 x 12 in, oil on canvas
So today I decided to switch it up a bit. First I decided to paint on a black canvas, on a larger size than I normally paint, and to paint a color that is not on my palette, PURPLE!

This was tough start on the black surface, with a dark subject, I blocked in the lights first and tackled the purples second. All in all I think it turned out rather well.


  1. Very interesting challenge for yourself and you did it splendidly! Not painted an egg plant but once but would like to try it again some time, I enjoy painting on a black background because you already have your darks. I tend to sneak up on my darks so I enjoy that I don't have to. Enjoying your work!

  2. Hi Beth - I came across your blog after I posted my first painting of eggplants last night. How curious - it was 12x12 also - but mine was on a white canvas. My eggplants were in a bowl in our kitchen with some peppers, in front of a shelf full of cookbooks. I made caponata!