Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beginning oil painting class demo


Yesterday, my beginning oil painting class started. I have five eager students ready to learn. Last night we went over all supplies, how to lay out their palettes, how to hold their brushes and all the basic basics! I then showed them how to start a painting doing value studies, and then squeaked in a quick demo...apples...always my first night of class setup.y



  1. Lovely rich colors! I love your figure drawings/paintings too.

  2. Hi Beth! I received your comment and I can't figure out how to write back to you, so I'm doing it here. You said "Kim, love the bold palette knife petals. I see you are in Lancaster, we should get together and paint en plein air. I also hold a open studio with a live model most weds. evenings in Lancaster City if you are interested." Do you have your open studio at Mulberry Art Studios?