Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday, and a painting challenge!

Today I am home and after a busy week at work, decided it was a me day. Here is my entry to "Daily Paintworks Challenge", one stroke per color challenge: Draw your subject (any) on your canvas/board. Make sure you get everything in just the right place – this is very important for this challenge. Then, with a brush (if you have them use flats or brights – at least ½” wide), mix one color. Put down one stroke on your canvas/board. If it’s wrong, mix a new color and put a new stroke directly over the first. Mix a new color (feel free to adjust the first color, on your palette, to get the second, but make sure to start a new pile when needed). Put down one stroke. Mix a new color. Put down one stroke.

I think this is definitely going to be a challenge I should try again and again...I kept trying to overwork it.

Anyway here is my attempt...
"Three of a kind", 6 x 8", oil on gessoboard

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